hi there, I’m Kate Martin,

As a Mum based in Galway and helping families across Ireland, settle their little ones, I believe achieving great sleep is possible for you, your baby and all of your family to enjoy.

I am a Certified Sleep Practitioner but first and foremost I am a mum of two.

When my first child wouldn’t sleep I turned to a Sleep Consultant and in a matter of weeks our lives changed for the better. I became passionate about helping families achieve better sleep to enhance their everyday lives and I want to guide you to achieve that too. 

I am here to support you as you and your baby transition to better sleep – whether that is from the early newborn days or months later when you are ready to introduce a routine that works for you and your family.

I believe in consistency over perfection and finding a balance that works for you. I offer a kind, caring and non-judgemental approach to support and guide you on your journey to better sleep.

Kate xx

Kate Martin Baby sleep consultant ireland galway dublin cork limerick

I am here to guide you as you and your baby transition to better sleep, whether that is from the early newborn days or the months ahead.

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What my lovely clients say

”great daytime naps and sleeps through overnight”

We worked with Kate when our little boy transitioned from 3 to 2 naps at around 8 months old and he now has two great daytime naps and sleeps through overnight. He is so content, well rested and happyEimear, Mum of 4.5 month old

”Kate’s approach is caring & supportive”

I was stressed, worn out and at the end of my tether when I contacted Kate. I was waking 10-15 times a night with my 6 MO boy.Within 24 hours, he was sleeping and settling independently minus the soother!  – Deirdre, Mum of 6 month old

”Kate’s plan was considered, clear and adaptable”

After a few weeks working with Kate, my 8 month old now adores her cot! Kate was so patient and informative. Her ability to relate to my situation from having her own young children really meant a lot to me. – Criona, Mom of 8 month old

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