Everything you need to know about our terms and conditions

If you have a query in relation to my terms and conditions please get in touch with me here  hello@katemartinsleepconsulting.com


By booking a consultation service with Kate Martin Sleep Consulting I agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

I agree to pay for the chosen package in advance of any booking being made.

The Support Package length starts from the day of the Main Consultation unless this is agreed in advance. I understand a set start date must be given at the Consultation should there be a need for a delayed start. I agree to the agreed start and end date as detailed in the sleep plan.

I agree should a Post-Consultation review date and time be arranged, 24 hours notice is required to reschedule this. In the event of an appointment being missed this will still be taken as one of the support calls as it is possible another client was turned down as a result of this booking being arranged.

I agree to contact Kate via scheduled phone calls and only once a week via email. Kate will always aim to reply to messages within 24 hours of receipt. Should support be needed outside of these hours then this needs to be pre-arranged and suitable for both parties.

I understand that in no circumstances will a refund be given. Suggestions offered are based on information shared at point of consultation, diary logs and follow up Information. Kate will share her knowledge and suggestions for the most appropriate course of action but cannot guarantee success.

I understand an additional fee of €150 per child will be added to the package price should I wish to have support for more than 1 child.
I understand that any changes made to my baby or child’s sleep, feeding, routine etc are suggestions and I as the parent/carer/guardian am responsible for choosing to implement. I understand results are entirely dependent on the commitment from myself as the parent to consistently follow the plan and that no guarantees can be given due to the many factors which impact on sleep and behaviours.
I understand goals may not be achieved during the period of working together but that Kate Martin Sleep Consulting will provide a range of tools and suggestions to support me in working towards my aims.

I understand my sleep assessment and plan is meant only for me and my family and may not be shared with a third party.
8. I understand any cancellations made after payment will be lost.
I agree to disclose any medical condition to Kate Martin Sleep Consulting which my baby/child has as this may influence the suggestions and recommendations made.

I agree to taking responsibility to follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS Guidance. (for more detailed information refer to the HSE and The Lullaby Trust websites). If I choose to ignore this guidance I accept full responsibility for this.
I understand any information given is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I agree to seek the advice of a GP or other qualified medical provider regarding medical treatment or conditions.

I accept and understand I should be in good physical and mental health and I am capable of following guidance offered by Kate Martin Sleep Consulting as part of their services.
I understand that Kate Martin Sleep Consulting may temporarily withdraw support should they believe I am not mentally or physically well enough to continue with the programme. In the event this should occur I will be informed in writing of the reason for the decision and any remaining support owed to me will be ‘banked’ until I am in a position to resume support (within 2 months of starting plan).

No financial refund will be given.
Kate Martin Sleep Consulting disclaims any and all warranties , whether statutory, express or implied. As the parent I voluntarily agree on behalf of myself, successors and assigns to waive and release Kate Martin Sleep Consulting from any and all claims of liability, loss, damage, injury or other demands for compensation that may be acquired during and following the time and associations with Kate Martin Sleep Consulting.
I understand and accept that Kate Martin Sleep Consulting may be unavailable due to personal reasons or work related appointments.

Kate endeavours to answer all enquiries within 24 hours (except at weekends which will be a 48 hour response period), however during holiday periods, evenings and weekends there may be a delay in response. Evening appointments and weekend support should be scheduled and agreed in advance.


Kate Martin Sleep Consulting reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions or any part of them at any time so please review. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately.

Terms and conditions policy was last edited on the April 2024.